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Episode 206 - Devil or Saint

"Size matters, and Erin has a huge problem in the form of three hundred pounds of St. Bernard, which means I have a huge challenge on my hands. The bigger they are, the calmer we have to be, and it’s going to take a mountain of calmness from Erin to get these two giants under control. Next, I’m going to teach two friends how to use their leadership to restore calm and balance to their three dogs, which have been dubbed “The Gangster Pack” by neighbors."


Q&A with Cesar

My mutt is dog-aggressive just like those Saint Bernard pups. How can I gain control over her?

The best way that you can keep your dog from being dog-aggressive is to be her Pack Leader. In order to do this, you need to earn her trust, which you do by setting rules, boundaries, and limitations. When a dog does not have these limits, she feels unprotected and so acts out by trying to protect you from other dogs. And, as with all cases where you think your dog is aggressive, make sure she really is. That lunging and whining could be playful excitement instead of aggression, in which case socialization with other dogs is the best solution.

Cesar told Dianne that she needs to be aware of her energy. How can I be aware of my energy?

Intention times emotion equals energy. In order to be aware of energy, first be aware of how you’re feeling. Happy, sad, tense, stressed, excited? If you’re feeling negative emotions, then make your intention a calm and positive one, like, “I will have the perfect walk with my dog now.” If you’re feeling excited, relax and take a few deep breaths and make your intention to be calm and in the moment. Remember, expectation equals outcome. You cannot have a positive result with a negative expectation or negative emotions, but you can change those negatives into positives with the right intention.

Cesar said that Pixie’s problem is excitement. My dog acts out just like she does on the walk. How can I curb his excitement?

Curbing your dog’s excitement on the walk begins before you go outside, by associating the process with calm energy. Have her sit calmly before you get the leash out, then stay as you put it on. If she moves before you’ve put the leash on, make her sit and start over, repeating until she stays sitting. When you’re ready to go out, make her sit as you open the door and step outside first. She doesn’t come out until you invite her. Be consistent and stay calm, and your dog will learn to associate the walk with calmness as well.

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