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Episode 210 - Not So Gentle Giant

"First up, I work with a dog named Junior who is anything but calm and submissive because his owner isn’t providing the Pack Leadership he needs. Next, I teach two sisters how to deal with their dog’s insecurity and their own fear to create the trust and safety necessary for the arrival of a new baby."


Q&A with Cesar

In this episode mother and son, and sisters worked together to become strong Pack Leaders. How can I become the Pack Leader to my dogs when my family doesn’t cooperate?

If your family doesn’t cooperate, then you’re not being Pack Leader! If every member of the family isn’t giving the dog the same rules and enforcing them, this will confuse the dog — who will figure out which humans aren’t being Pack Leaders and use them to get what he wants. Every human in the pack has to be a leader to the dog, so cooperation is essential.

Both dogs in this episode were insecure. How can I prevent my dog from becoming insecure as well?

First, by not projecting weak energy. Being calm and assertive lets your dog know that everything is okay. Second, never nurture insecurity. If your dog is anxious or fearful, do not give them affection in that moment. Finally, intention equals outcome — if you go on a walk expecting your dog to misbehave, then your dog will, because that’s the message you’re sending to them with your energy when you’re nervous or fearful.

Junior was aggressive because he was extremely overprotective of his family. I think the same happens to my dog. What should I do?

Besides being a Pack Leader and projecting calm, assertive energy, the best way to keep your dog from being overprotective is make sure she is socialized. This will teach her that other dogs and people are not a threat to you, so she doesn’t have to protect you. Start with the walk, or even a neighborhood pack walk, then progress to the dog park when you’re sure that your dog is becoming socialized — and don’t be afraid to consult a professional if you need help.

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