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Through his shows - and his books, live shows and products - Millan is very much the leading authority on dogs, or at least, the most visible. Through Dog Whisperer, once National Geographic Channel's top rated series, and most recently, Cesar 911 on Nat Geo Wild, Millan has done for dog psychology what Oprah did for talking about your feelings.

The famed dog expert talks how he helped Jerry Seinfeld tame his pooches. “Cesar 911” airs 9/8c Fridays on Nat Geo Wild.

Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, who gained fame with his former show, “Dog Whisperer,” begins the third season of “Cesar 911” with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who is overwhelmed by his two dachshunds. Foxy seems to detest Seinfeld, and Jose won’t stop barking.

Jerry Seinfeld loves his two Dachshunds, but they're not particularly fond of him. Fortunately, dog behaviorist Cesar Millan comes to the rescue in the third season of his Nat Geo Wild show, "Cesar 911."

There is definitely nothing funny about the situation that the comedian and wife Jessica are in when it comes to their dachshunds, Jose and Foxy.

Jerry Seinfeld had been so frustrated by his nutty mutts Foxy and Jose that he called in superstar dog trainer Cesar Millan

When Yahoo TV visited Cesar Millan at his dog psychology center in Santa Clarita, California, he told us that the 43-acre site is “the most amazing dog park in the world.” We’d have to agree, it really is just that.

PEOPLE got an exclusive look at the comedian and his wife Jessica's training session with the dog whisperer extraordinaire from season three premiere of Cesar 911, and, as you'd suspect, Seinfeld had us giggling.

From building a successful business to losing everything and starting all over, Cesar Millan says he's learned more from dogs than people.

Cesar Millan stops by to chat about season 3 of his Nat Geo WILD show "Cesar 911," and gives Jacque some tips to use on her own dogs.


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